Push later on git


There is no way to push later on git, unfortunely we sometime have not reliable internet link.
We work on many projects and them we can forgot to push one when internet is back.
Fortunely there is a solution, creating a little script to do it later.
If as I am you are running windows from time to time and this is what you are actualy using, let me give you the tip.


  • Adding a personnal script directory to your user PATH
  • Creating the initial script
  • Updating the script

Adding the script directory to your PATH

You, first will have to open the main control panel screen. Open the control panel
From this, you will have to search for "PATH". Don't forget to select for the user only, not for everyone who use this computer.
Search for PATH
And then, add the PATH where you will store your own scripts (what I do call "personnal scripts folder").
Add the path

Creating the initial script

Open you favorite code editor, here is VSCodium, then add this to push_now.bat you will store into your personnal scripts folder.

@echo off
REM git push sample
REM pushd d:\src\project1
REM git push

Don't forget to remove the REM to make it usable ;-).

Updating the script

When all push are ok, you can just remove them from your script and add new...
I do recommand to keep the REM lines. Thus, next time you will travel here they will be.

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